20+ Projects Completed|
3+ Years of Freelancing|
99% Client Satisfaction|
2eK+ Subscribers|
Authored In-Depth Course on Educative|
Contributed as a Technical Course Reviewer|
Recipient of the Hackernoon Noonies Award |

Dream Big, Work Hard, Achieve More!

This Mantra Drives My Work As A Passionate Freelancer. I Blend Innovative Technology With Timeless Design For Captivating Digital Experiences. Inspired By Nature And Literature, I'm A Perpetual Embracing Challenges. With Each Project, I Aim To Leave A Lasting Impact—One Pixel At A Time

I'm confident in my ...
  • next.js
  • tailwind css
  • figma
  • javaScript
  • web design
  • Gatsby.js
  • strapi
  • firebase
  • generative AI
  • wireframing
  • SEO
  • framer motion
  • sanity

Have a project in mind? reach out to me from here and lets make it happen